Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Dissertation Only Program

The Doctor of Philosophy, PH.D., Dissertation thesis (British Model) is designed to equip students for creative scholarship and independent research. The degree program offers studies, majoring in Biblical Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Biblical Studies, Theology, Biblical Counseling, Church Growth, Evangelism, Preaching, Christian Education and more.

It is specifically designed for those who desire a broad range of study in Christian Faith and Biblical curriculum and it seeks to develop the student’s capacity for critical evaluation and quality research.

Producing the kind of creative scholarship, which can enable the student to contribute to the field of theological knowledge and literature, is the goal of this intensive program.


This program is available in Theology, Ministry, Christian Counseling, and Christian Education.


Prerequisite for enrollment in this program is an earned Master of Arts degree (concentration in Bible) or its equivalent from Covenant or an acceptable college.

Tuition is $2,340.00 for the Ph.D., Postdoctoral work. Total cost of the program is: $2,740.00 (includes Application Fee, Graduation Fee, and Tuition.

The candidate for this degree already has been through doctoral work and earned either, a Doctor of Ministry, D.Min. Doctor of Biblical Studies, D.B.S., or Doctor of Theology, Th.D., may pursue his/her Ph.D. by doing only a dissertation (British Model)

The doctorate provides the student with additional opportunities to study in a different field of research without having to go through classes previously studied.

All applicants must submit a transcript of a previous doctorate and Master’s degree must be submitted to Admissions, Registrar’s Office.

Upon receipt of application fee of $50.00, the Academic Dean will present this request to the faculty for final approval. Once completed, the school will contact the applicant that his/her request has been approved.

Graduation Fee: $350.00

Option A: Payment in full at time of registration, a 5% discount is offered if payment is paid in full, $2,603.00 total.

Option B: Initial Payment of $274.00 upon acceptance, with the balance of $2,466.00 paid via 3 (three) equal installments of $822.00 each due in 90 days, 180 days, 360 days from acceptance.

Option C: Initial Payment of $2740.00 upon acceptance, with the balance of $2,466.00 paid via 4 (four) equal installments of $616.50 each due in 90 days, 150 days, 210 days, and 270 days from acceptance.

Option D: Monthly Payment Option, student is required to pay at time of enrollment, $50.00 application fee, plus the required deposit of $250.00 = $300.00. Twelve monthly payments (interest free) in the amount of $203.33 per month.

NOTE: Options B, C, or D must be made via Automatic Withdrawal

The faculty will elect one (1) academic staff advisor who will be working with the student as they progress through the writing project.

The dissertation must be between 125 – 150 pages and have at least 15 references in the Bibliography.

The dissertation theme must be submitted to the committee for approval. Once the theme is approved the doctoral candidate may begin the program.