The title page should normally include the title, your name, date, the unit/subject, course and the name of the tutor to whom it is being submitted. Requirements do vary though from course to course, so check with your tutor what is expected.

  • Make sure you copy the title exactly as it has been given to you: don’t paraphrase or summarize it in any way. Print the title in a bigger font (and maybe in bold) as it should stand out from the rest of the information.
  • Ensure everything is spelled correctly! A mistake on the title page creates a very bad impression.
  • It is generally best to avoid graphics and pictures (especially Microsoft clipart!); also avoid colored and “fancy” fonts or effects. Your main aim should be clarity.

A couple of sample title pages follow.

Example 1

The Permanent Search For Temporary Staff







Submitted by: Inzamam Ul-Haq

Submitted to: Dr. Dean Headley
Date: 15 February 2012

B.A. (Hons) Business Administration
Year 2
Birmingham City University
Business School

Example 2


Birmingham City University
BA (Honors) Media and Communication
Module 3 Assignment 2

Examine the relationship between ownership of the mass media and control over the media’s output







Submitted by : Colin Milburn (Student Number: 98765439)
Submitted to: Prof. Eric Hollies
Date of submission: 2 May 2012


The following guidelines have been gleaned from Birmingham City University in England. They are practical and helpful.

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