Participants pursuing the PHD doctorate degree by dissertation shall complete a ten-phase process equivalent to typical work beyond the Master’s degree in a traditional doctoral program which shall include —

1. Determination of the Dissertation Topic/Subject. In conjunction with the seminary, develop a dissertation topic appropriate for this level of academic achievement. All materials throughout this process should be transmitted to Dean or faculty advisor for approval.

2. Approval. The student will receive official notice of approval of the dissertation topic. At this time the student may begin developing the research methods philosophy upon which the development of their dissertation with be based.

3. Research Methods Development. Develop and present a strategy for researching the approved dissertation topic. This will include research methods to be used, materials that will be used in this research and location of these materials to the student.

Lists of possible primary and secondary sources should be included in this document, whether or not they are actually used in the final development of the dissertation.

The length of this document will be a minimum of 125 pages, not to exceed 150 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, not including the bibliography, solely driven by the nature of the research.

The student should be as comprehensive as possible in this process as it will assist and guide them in the development of the final dissertation itself. This is the first document submission after the approval of the dissertation topic and this research strategy must also be approved before continuing on in the process.

4. Obtain Research Methods Approval. Once the dissertation topic has been approved, and the research methods established, the student may then begin to develop the body of the dissertation.

5. Submit Initial Dissertation Text – First Draft for Review. Once the body of thought of the dissertation has been fully developed, it shall then be submitted for evaluation and comment. The submission should only include a Title Page, body of the subject matter, and endnotes (or footnotes).

6. Dissertation Critique. The dissertation will be critiqued at this point, presenting to the student specific comments, concerns and suggestions for improving the document. These shall be presented in a detailed and identifiable written format for the student’s response.

8. Rewrite/Modifications to the Initial Dissertation First Draft. Once the school has conferred with the student on their response and come to agreement on any and all issues presented, the changes/modifications will then be made to the body of the dissertation.

9. Submission of Completed Dissertation, Final Draft for Grading. The rewritten dissertation is submitted in final draft form including all front matter as required in the Manuscript Guidelines with proper formatting and including (as appropriate) a summary, conclusions, bibliography and appendices.

10. Final Approval — Degree Award. Once the final dissertation document is submitted, and approved, CTSI – Covenant Theological Seminary International will award the student the PhD Degree in the appropriate field. This represents the conclusion of the degree process.

They style of this document shall follow the latest MLA Style format.