Registration Fee $50.00 Nonrefundable
Tuition Fees per Course $195.00  (See Refund Policy below)*
Dissertation Only Program (see below)
Materials Fees $50.00  Average per course
Online Access Fees (per course) $25.00  (May vary due to royalty requirements)
If taken online most courses will not incur the Material Fees as the needed audio/video or textbook may be available online.
*Dissertation Only Programs are Flat-Fee Based
Students are required to purchase any books, workbooks, DVDs or audios not included in the Materials Fees or Online Fees.


Advanced Doctorate $350.00
Advanced Doctorate with Dissertation $450.00


Registration Fee $ 50.00
Tuition $2,340.00
Degree Fee $350.00
TOTAL $2,740.00**  (Non-refundable)

**Student is responsible for any mailing expenses incurred.

Covenant Theological Seminary International reserves the right to make changes in fees, course programs, and all administrative structures described in our catalog and elsewhere without prior notice being given.

Refund & Change of Field Policy*

1. If a student withdraws from school or drops a class in writing within thirty (30) days of the date of registration for a course, CTSI will refund all tuition charges.
2. If a student withdraws from school or drops a course between thirty-one (31) and sixty (60) days, and has a passing grade when dropped, 50% of the relevant tuition charges will be refunded.
3. No refunds on tuition are allowed on any withdrawal after sixty (60) days, or for students who are dismissed by the administration, or who withdraws with a failing grade.
4. There will be no refunds on material charges or online access fees. 5. Should a student wish to change his or her field of study after receiving a letter of acceptance, he or she must submit a written request indicating the field of study desired with a fee of $10.00.

*Dissertation Only program is non-refundable.