All courses are three credit hours.

  • CE 0513 Teaching Practicum
    This course requires observation, participation, and directed teaching in an approved school setting in the area where the student lives that is to be carried out under the supervision of a teacher approved by CTS administration. Forty-five supervised classroom hours are required.
  • CE 0523 Introduction to Education
    Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    This course gives a look at educational practices and procedures that have proven to work in the school system. It follows the beginning of educational classes taught in churches to our present system of CE 5163 The Craft of Christian Teaching
  • CE 0533 Educational Psychology
    Kathleen M. Cauley & Gina M. Pannozzo/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    In this course are interesting, well-illustrated articles by psychologists, educators, researchers, and writers providing effective and useful perspectives on today’s important topics in the study of educational psychology.
  • CE 0543 Managing the Classroom
    Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    This is a study of the interaction process and patterns of communication in the classroom designed to increase student and teacher effectiveness as an influence on the learning process. Attention is given to both preventive and remedial techniques for handling discipline problems in the classroom.
  • CE 0553 Early Childhood Growth and Development
    Dr. Charles Schaefer & Theresa Foy DiGeronimo/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    This course is divided into four stages of child development—birth to 18 months, 18 months to 36 months, 36 months to age 6, and 6 to 10 years and covers all five areas of psychological health—emotional, cognitive, friendship-relationships, personal growth, and morality.
  • CE 0563 The Philosophy of Christian Education
    Jeff Astley/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    This course provides a careful and illuminating look at religious education activity through the eyes of philosophy. It interprets important issues in religious education from the standpoint of philosophy and applies the procedures and substance of philosophical reflection to major problems confronting religious education.
  • CE 0573 Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning
    Douglas Wilson/Dr. Nancy Drawdy
    Often educational reforms create new problems that must be solved down the road. This course presents alternatives that have proved workable in experience.
  • CE 0583 Teaching Reading
    Dr. Nancy C. Drawdy
    This is a study of the dynamics of the reading process and major issues in reading instruction for elementary classrooms.
  • CE 0593 Teaching and Learning in the Elementary School
    Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    This is an examination of past and current approaches, methods, and techniques for teaching and learning in the elementary school.
  • CE 5103 Teaching and Learning Theory and Phonics
    Dr. Craig Lokken and Dr. Donna Johnson
    This course deals with the practices of teaching and learning in Christian education, and gives a detailed teaching of basic phonetic sounds and reading skills for the young beginning reader.
  • CE 5113 Foundations of Christian Education
    Berkhof/Vantil/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    This course reminds teachers anew of the rationale for Christian education. It recalls the prophetic voices of two educators who were especially qualified to clarity the foundational issues in Christian schooling.
  • CE 5123 An Overview of Christian School Curriculum
    Dr. Jennifer Cooper
    This is a look at various types of curriculum available for Christian schools, comparing the curriculums available to each other.
  • CE 5133 Christian Education (Its Mandate and Mission)
    Ronald A. Horton/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    This course is a composite work by members of the administration and faculty of Bob Jones University containing both basic and in-depth information concerning the foundation and structure of balanced, biblically based education.
  • CE 5143 The Seven Laws of Teaching
    John Milton Gregory/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    This course is a clear and simple statement of the important factors governing the art of teaching. It gives a clear and concise presentation of the laws of teaching.
  • CE 5153 Assertive Discipline
    Lee and Marlene Canter/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    The purpose of this course is to inspire and encourage teachers to reflect on their own teaching situations and adapt strategies according to their own teaching style and philosophy.
  • CE 5163 The Craft of Christian Teaching
    Israel Galindo/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    Guidelines, suggestions, and proven techniques are discussed in this essential course for Christian teachers.
  • CE 5173 Effective Communication Skills
    Dr. Mary W. Murray
    This course is designed to enhance, encourage, and develop appropriate effective communication skills for students, educators, and parents. Each lesson is devised to enrich your knowledge and ability on arious aspects of effective communication integrated with a Christian and regular education approach as it relates to students entering the 21st Century.
  • CE 5183 Contemporary Approaches to Christian Education
    Seymour/Miller/Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    This course seeks to clarify the agenda, resources, and hopes for Christian education in the twenty-first century.
  • CE 5193 Kingdom Education
    Glen Schultz/Dr. Max O. Flynn
    This course indicates that parents and educators must link arms with the local church to provide a strong foundation for every boy and girl. It asserts that nothing less than a full frontal assault on secularization will stem the tide of America’s moral decline.
  • CE 5203 Curriculum (Principles and Foundations)
    Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy
    This course gives information concerning curriculum and its development to be used in Christian education.
  • CE 5213 Basic Teacher Skills
    Richard Rusbuldt/Dr. M.R. Burckley
    This course provides a solid foundation of skills needed to meet the needs of “new teachers”. It helps them become effective and enthusiastic as they carry out Christ’s call on their lives.
  • CE 5223 Mapping Christian Education
    Jack Seymour/Dr. M.R. Burckley
    This course deals with four main themes: formation, faith community, spiritual growth, and religious instruction. It engages the student from beginning to end, offering colorful descriptions, formative analysis, invitations for self-reflection, and visionary possibilities for the future of Christian education.