PhD in Christian Education
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Requires a Doctoral degree plus a minimum 36 credit hours of additional study.


This degree is available to candidates already possessing a doctoral degree in christian education, or an equivalent field of study who successfully complete the degree requirements. The degree requires the successful completion of a minimum of thirty-six (36) credit hours of coursework. Candidates may choose ten (10) courses from the courses offered within the Christian Education category plus will be required to develop two (2) additional courses within the Christian Education category of study.

If a candidate has not take the course of study by Dr. Mark Virkler entitled either “Communion with God”, “How to Hear God’s Voice”, or “Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice”, they must take this course from Covenant Theological Seminary International prior to beginning their PhD program.


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• The dissertation topic must be religious in nature, appropriate to the field of Christian Education. It must have a firm theological premise upon which it is based.

• Participants are expected to be proficient in English language skills. Participants must have access to a computer, appropriate software, email and Internet, and academic library resources, with all work expected to be submitted and exchanged on-line via the internet, and final draft copy by USPS (Certified Mail).

• This degree program is intended for students who are self-motivated and can work independently. The student is to work students work with the Dean of Studies, or Academic Dean, or other faculty who serve as their advisors, and who would serve as first and second readers. Student would work independently, communicating with the Deans or prescribed faculty member throughout the process.

There is no time limit to complete the Ph.D. program. However, at each phase of the doctoral process, prior to progressing to the next element, approval from the School is necessary. In order to remain in good standing as an active student, participating degree candidates must demonstrate effective progress toward achieving quality standards at each phase. Being in ongoing contact with the School and the Deans on a regular basis is fundamental to this process.

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  • Grading
    All outlines, essays, and book reports are to be written as per the format provided in the appendix of this catalog For each course in the master degree program, the course test will comprise 50%, the outlines will comprise 10%, the essays will comprise 10%, and the book report(s) will comprise 30% of the course grade. All scores will be averaged together for one grade.
  • Requirements
    1. Choose Three (3) Courses from the Christian Education section under Course Descriptions.
    2. Choose any Seven (7) additional courses from courses listed under Course Descriptions.
  • Notes
    Note 1: If the student has not taken SG 5163 The Normal Christian Life, SG 5313 The Purpose Driven Life, CE 0523 Introduction to Education, CE 0533 Educational Psychology, CE 0543 Managing the Classroom, CE 0553 Early Childhood Growth and Development, or CE 0563 The Philosophy of Christian Education, he or she must take these courses at this time. In addition, if the student has had no experience in Teaching, he or she must do CE 0513 Teaching Practicum.
    Note 2: In order to receive a Doctorate in Christian Education, a student must have a minimum of thirty-six (36) in Education.
    Note 3: If the degree reads “Doctor of Christian Education”, a dissertation is required.
  • Notice
    The State of South Carolina Board of Regents has exempted Covenant Theological Seminary International from normal licensure provisions because CTSI offers only religious degrees.

    Note: Credentials issued by unlicensed or unaccredited institutions is limited and may not be accepted by employers for jobs or other institutions for transfer credit.

    All degrees of Covenant Theological Seminary International are of an ecclesiastical nature, and whether granted or conferred, are in the restricted area of religion with the special purpose of preparing persons to work in the area of religion, whether educational or ministerial; they are not designed to be used in general academic circles. Degrees in the Christian Counseling or Christian Education do not meet requirements for professional licensure or certification.
  • Thesis
    In addition to the required course of study, students receiving a degree that does not contain the word “Ministry” in its nomenclature must submit a dissertation in MLA form of no less than seventy-five (75), and no more than one-hundred (100) typewritten (double-spaced) pages with ten (10) outside resources on a subject that has been pre-approved by the Academic Dean, or submit an equivalent project that has been pre-approved by the Academic Dean.

    The guidelines do not apply to the Dissertation Only Degree Program.