All courses are 3 credit hours.

*Indicates a Core Course (Required)

  • SG 0513 The Purpose Driven Life
    Rick Warren/Dr. Fabienne Naomi-Smith
    This course is a priceless gift for all who want to know their purpose and fulfill their destiny. It is absolutely brilliant at explaining our real purpose on earth and stating profound truths in simple ways. (Additional book: Purpose Driven Life Journal)
    (Available in Spanish: Una Vida con Proposito)
  • SG 0523 Leadership Training
    Dr. Jerry Phelps

    This course is a study of the principles of successful leadership.
  • SG 0533 Pathway to Worship I and II
    Dr. Annette Sasser

    This course helps the student develop a process whereby he or she can engage into true worship with God. It includes, but is not limited to: removing hindrances to worship, setting the mind to worship, and avenues to worship.
  • SG 0553 The Maturing of the Saints
    Dr. Kurt Huth

    This is a study showing the stages of growth and maturity of Christians as they learn more of the Word of God.
  • SG 0563 Growing in Grace
    Dr. Larry Nylin

    This course deals with the growth of the Christian life based on the grace of God.
  • SG 0573 Love and The Gifts
    Dr. M. R. Burckley

    We know that the Gifts practiced without love are as sounding brass and clanging cymbals. This course teaches the importance of love when ministering in the gifts of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and explains how our God given temperaments blend with the gifts given to us.
  • SG 0583 Practical Aspects of Christianity and Christian Growth and Development
    Dr. Randy Hayes and Dr. Harold Vick

    This course deals with the practical aspects of Christianity as well as gives a practical introduction by Dr. Harold Vick to the discipline of the Christian life including daily study of the Word, prayer, fasting, study habits, and financial stewardship.
  • SG 0593 The Joy of Being a Disciple
    Dr. Ronald L. Campbell

    Christians need not walk around with long faces. This course shows that when one comes to Christ, he discovers that Jehovah is a God of Covenant. Because of the New Covenant, Christians can experience joy in their Christian life.
  • SG 5103 Could You Not Tarry One Hour?*
    Larry Lea/Dr. Max O. Flynn

    This course deals with the pursuit and discovery of Dr. Larry Lea of the highest calling of all—the call to pray. It also shares what the Lord revealed to him, which he shared with the Body of Christ through his Prayer Clinics. Based on the book by the same title.
    (Available in Spanish: ¿Ni tan sólo una hora?)
  • SG 5113 From Defeat to Victory Healing School
    Emily Dotson/Dr. Max O. Flynn

    This course is based on the true story of one woman’s fight to survive lupus, and overcome all the forces of darkness that sought to destroy her life. Her faith and courage will teach and challenge you to do the same. This book will change and revolutionize the life of all who will believe it and apply it to their lives as well.
  • SG 5123 Communion with God
    Mark Virkler/Dr. Max O. Flynn

    This is the most practical course in the world today that teaches people how to hear God’s voice and to see divine visions. This course will bring you into the experience of two-way dialogue with Almighty God.
    (Student may substitute SG 5133 How to Hear God’s Voice (4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice) as a required course).
    (Available in Spanish: Comunión con Dios)
  • SG 5133 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice (also referred to as “How To Hear God’s Voice”)*
    Drs. Mark and Patti Virkler

    You can be totally confident in your ability to hear the voice of God. The Lord Himself said, “My sheep hear My voice” (John 10:27). This course will teach you how to clearly hear God’s voice through: 1) quieting yourself down, 2) looking unto Jesus, 3) tuning into spontaneous thoughts, and 4) writing down what He speaks which will enable you to discerned His voice (1 Corinthians 2). It is revolutionary as well as that simple. This course will teach you to confidently rest, rely and know what He has spoken to you.
    (This course may be taken in lieu of SG 5123 Communion with God)
  • SG 5143 Prayers That Heal The Heart
    Mark and Patti Virkler/Dr. Max O. Flynn

    In this course, based on his book “Prayers That Heal the Heart”, Dr. Virkler teaches a series of seven specific prayers that will break bondages within your heart caused by spiritual forces. These prayers include breaking generational sins and curses; severing ungodly soul ties; removing negative beliefs and inner vows; healing traumatic scenes; and casting out demonic energy that has connected itself to these inner wounds of the heart and soul.
    (Available in Spanish: Oraciones Que Sanan el Corazón) (Also CC 5373)
  • SG 5153 Driven by Eternity
    John Bevere/Dr. Beth McLemore

    The purpose of this course is to reveal an eternal perspective to motivate believers to labor for what endures, and to draw seekers to salvation and Kingdom living.
  • SG 5163 The Normal Christian Life*
    Watchman Nee/Dr. Max O. Flynn

    In this course, Watchman Nee teaches us who are in Christ what Christ did for us, and how to live by His power within us. He instructs us on the power of the blood, the power of the cross, God’s eternal purpose, and the goal of the Gospel. Based on the book, "The Normal Christian Life".
  • SG 5173 Victory Over The Darkness
    Neil T. Anderson/Dr. Nancy C. Drawdy

    This course shows that you can have victory over darkness by knowing who you are in Christ. You will learn to Realize the power of your identity in Christ, to Free yourself from the burdens of your past, to stand against the spiritual forces of this world, to win the battle for your mind, to become the spiritual person you want to be, and to discover the truth about God’s view of you.
  • SG 5183 Under Cover—The Promise of Protection Under His Authority
    John Bevere/Dr. Max O. Flynn

    There is a secret place where there is assured liberty, provision, and protection. Yet many people do not enjoy these benefits and instead, due to ignorance, they seek freedom and security outside of it. This course exposes subtle yet rampant tactics that the enemy uses to pull believers away from God’s shelter.
  • SG 5193 The Anointing: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
    R. T. Kendall/Dr. Max O. Flynn

    In this course, drawing on the Bible, especially the lives of Saul, Samuel, and David, as well as his own experience, Dr. R. T. Kendall gives you some eye-opening examples of how the anointing works and the problems that arise when those anointed yesterday conflict with those anointed today. This course, based on the book of the same name is very insightful and extremely balanced between the Word and the Spirit.
  • SG 5203 Your River Must Flow I (Formerly Ministers of the Anointing I)
    Albert Gengenback/Dr. Max O. Flynn

    In this course experienced teacher Albert Gengenbach presents the simple biblical principles established by the Lord that will enable any Christian to live the powerful New Testament lifestyle and perform the great works Jesus promised in John 14:12-14. Based on the book Your River Must Flow by Al Gengenbach.
    (Available in Spanish: Isu Rio Debe Flouir!)
  • SG 5213 The Three Battlegrounds
    Francis Frangipane/Dr. Roger Clark

    This course gives an in-depth view of the three arenas of spiritual warfare: the mind, the church, and the heavenly places.
  • SG 5223 Excellence in Character
    Dr. Robb Thompson/Dr. Fabienne Naomi-Smith

    This course will help the student explore what God has to say about pursuing excellent character.
  • SG 5233 The Making of a Champion
    Lester Sumrall/Dr. Max O. Flynn

    This course deals with examples of ordinary people who knew the secrets of becoming a victorious Christian.
  • SG 5253 Battlefield of the Mind
    Joyce Meyer/Dr. Fabienne Naomi-Smith

    In this powerful course, based on the book "Battlefield of the Mind", Joyce Meyer will guide the student through an honest self-appraisal by sharing the trials, tragedies, and ultimate victories of her own marriage, family and ministry—including the truth she learned about what she was thinking and feeling every step of the way. (Additional book: Battlefield of the Mind Strategy Guide).
    (Available in Spanish: El Campo De La Batalla De La Mente)
  • SG 5263 Unreasonable Worship
    Dr. Kurt Huth

    This course is a study of worship from the heart rather than reason.
  • SG 5273 The Bait of Satan*
    John Bevere/Dr. Max O. Flynn

    This course exposes one of the most deceptive snares (an offense) that Satan uses to entrap Christians to get them out of the will of God. Most people who are ensnared by Satan do not even realize it.
    (Available in Spanish: La Trampa de Satanas)
  • SG 5283 Blessing or Curse
    Derek Prince
    Derek Prince thoroughly outlines the cause and effect relationship in bringing about blessing or curses upon our lives and upon our families. He also walks you through identifying possible curses and finding freedom through the work of Christ. Highly recommended! (Additional book: Ten Curses That Block the Blessing by Larry Huch)
    (Available in Spanish: Bendicion o Maldicion ¡Usted puede escoger!)
  • SG 5293 Supernatural Living
    A.L. and Joyce Gill/Dr. Max O. Flynn
    This course will take the student on a journey that will enable him to operate in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. From an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, each person will discover the joy of walking in the supernatural on a daily basis.
  • SG 5303 The Power of Praise and Worship
    Dr. Terry Law
    Discover this source of power. Receive your healing through praise. Experience God’s miracle power today.
  • SG 5313 Angels
    Dr. Terry Law
    While New Age books teach about unscriptural and occultic angelic visitations, Terry Law reveals the truth. He says that angels are involved in the lives of believers. This collection of true stories from around the world will astonish readers.
  • SG 5333 Breaking Generational Curses
    Dr. Marilyn Hickey
    Take the Test! Do you or someone in your family: 1) exhibit high levels of anger; 2) suffer from mental illness, 3) have a history of abuse, or 4) experience a high number of personal failures? This could be a generational curse. Now is the time to shatter the past and take control of the future!
  • SG 5343 Walking in Victory
    Norman Robertson
    With over 12 informative lessons covering 12 powerful subjects this teaching workbook is designed to give you a strong foundation for a Victorious Christian Life. Subjects include: Salvation, the Holy Spirit, Baptism, Communion, Faith, Prayer and Worship. We guarantee that your knowledge will soar, your faith will increase and Jesus will become more real in your life.
  • SG 5353 The Hour that Changes the World
    Dr. Dick Eastman
    Dick Eastman is the president of Every Home for Christ, a ministry committed to bringing the Gospel message to every home in the world. In this series, Dr. Eastman teaches how prayer can unlock every closed door and open the way for the Gospel to be proclaimed. He also teaches how prayer effectiveness is closely tied to intimacy with God. This study deals with the Power of Prayer, the Practice of Prayer and the Purpose of Prayer. (Assigned book: With Christ in the School of Prayer, Andrew Murray)
  • SG 5363 New Creation Image
    Dr. A. L. Gill
    See MN 5763 in the Ministry Division
  • SG 5373 Authority of the Believer
    Dr. A. L. and Joyce Gill
    See MN 5773 in the Ministry Division
  • SG 5383 God’s Provision for Healing
    Dr. A. L. and Joyce Gill
    See MN 5783 in the Ministry Division
  • SG 5393 Prayer – Bringing Heaven to Earth
    Dr. A. L. and Joyce Gill
    See MN 5793 in the Ministry Division
  • SG 5403 Praise And Worship
    Dr. A. L. and Joyce Gill
    See MN 5803 in the Ministry Division
  • SG 5413 The Dynamic Duo – The Holy Spirit and You
    Rick Renner
    If the cry of your heart is to walk as Jesus walked and to know the power of the Holy Spirit, this is the right course! In this course you will discover your role as a partner with the Spirit, His guidance for your life, the ten responsibilities of the Spirit, His personality and desires and much more.
    (Assigned book: The Holy Spirit My Senior Partner, D Y. Cho)
  • SG 5423 Counseled By God
    Dr. Mark Virkler
    God’s Spirit is a “Wonderful Counselor”. We will let God speak to our hearts and counsel us about the basic emotional pressures of life. These include anger, doubt, depression, condemnation and inferiority. We will learn to let God replace these with His opposites, as His voice releases His grace within our hearts. Those whom the Son sets free are free indeed.
    (Available in Spanish: Aconsejado por Dios)
  • SG 5443 Glory – Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven
    Ruth Ward Heflin
    As air is the atmosphere of earth, glory is the atmosphere of Heaven. It lifts us up above the earthly, into the very presence of God. If you capture the principles of praise, worship and glory you will never be the same! And once you move into the glory realm, anything becomes possible. God’s pattern is: praise until the spirit of worship comes, worship until the glory comes, then stand in the glory!
  • SG 5453 Your River Must Flow II (Formerly Ministers of the Anointing II)
    Al Gengenbach/Dr. Max O. Flynn
    A continuation of the principles discussed in the book Your River Must Flow by Albert Gengenbach which presents the simple biblical principles established by the Lord that will enable any Christian to live the powerful New Testament lifestyle and perform the great works Jesus promised in John 14:12-14.
  • SG 5483 Releasing the Power of Jesus
    Bill Johnson
    …For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Revelation 19:10). Telling others about the miracles in your life makes God more real for others and causes faith to explode in those who hear what God has done for you.They will begin to see miracles in their own lives because of what God did for you! You will discover how to: Encourage His mercy in everyone around you. Leave a legacy of God s work in your life. Live under the influence of His mighty presence. Release the presence of God everywhere you go. Learn how your personal God stories will set your world on fire as you release the power of Jesus today!
  • SG 5493 Dialogue With God
    Dr. Mark & Patti Virkler
    Find out how prayer–our link to God–is the most powerful and vital activity of our life. This course will lead you into a life-changing dimension of two-way communication with a loving God.
  • SG 5503 Prosperous Soul Foundations
    Steve DeSilva
    This course will change your life. As believers, we are called to greatness, and to do “greater things.” Without integrity and understanding we are destined for mediocrity, or worse. The Bible is replete with lessons about money and riches, yet many believers today remain confused about their role with wealth. Unlike most financial teachings, Stephen DeSilva blends both practical and supernatural elements, drawing from the greatest financial book of all time: The Word of God.

    Whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned financial professional, Prosperous Soul Stewardship Series: Foundations is essential for every believer who desires to grow in God’s calling to supernatural stewardship. Wealth is God’s plan for every believer, and it is our assignment today to prepare our hearts and character for good works in Christ. Poverty is a beatable enemy in our lifetime and the church is God’s intended stewardship tool.
  • SG 5513 Living to Give
    Wayne Meyers
    Understanding the Biblical principles that make it possible to live a blessed life is vital for the believer. In this course you will learn “The Principle of First”, how to overcome mammon and much more from Pastor Morris and Apostle Wayne Meyer as their lives exemplify what it means to live a blessed life.
  • SG 5523 How to Hear God Through Your Dreams
    Mark Virkler
    Do you often wake up feeling there was a significant message in your dream, but you’re just not sure what it is? Like Daniel and Joseph, do you long to be able to help others understand their own dreams and win them to Christ as you explain His night messages to them? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could receive mid-course corrections from the Lord while you sleep? Do you wish you could be receiving divine inspiration, creative solutions to problems, and direction from the Lord during that third of your life that you’re just sleeping?
  • SG 5533 Prayers That Make a Difference
    Debbye Graafsma
    This course provides basic training for people who want to become prayer warriors. It explains the spiritual realm and how that realm affects our physical realms. Contains a training manual for those serving in altar ministry.