Hear from a few of our students about how CTS has impacted their lives and ministries.

Carolyn Fox, North Carolina ~

“I am feeling very blessed to have met Dr. Max Flynn and Covenant Theological Seminary. I am grateful for what it means to my spiritual growth and well being."

Carolyn Fox, North Carolina ~ Retired

“This course (Communion with God) is awesome!  I am taking my time with the videos and absorbing the information.  This is great.  It really is a life-changing course.  The question and answer portions are great because it answers many of the questions one might be afraid to ask."

Derek Thomas, Alabama ~ Pastor

Deborah Cannon, North Carolina ~

"CTS has been such a tremendous blessing to us and our church. The ISOM program tied with the CTS program has been outstanding. We are so glad to be a part of what God has been doing with Covenant Theological Seminary."

Deborah Cannon, North Carolina ~ Pastor

Lisa Gilfillan, California ~

"I want to thank you for these courses. In spite of my busy schedule right now, the teachings have given me a much-needed shot of faith and knowledge, and I am so grateful. Some of the revelations of the instructors are incredibly profound. I realize I required a Bible transfusion to help me through this time of productivity and warfare. Thank you for helping to supply it."

Lisa Gilfillan, California ~ Executive