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The study of theology often involves more theory than practical information. Our program emphasis the practical, down-to-earth facets of theology, which may seem a misnomer, but is not the case.

(Dissertation Required)
Requires a Master’s degree plus a minimum 30 credit hours of additional study.
Materials for each course in this program consist of either a series of audio/video lectures, a textbook, or a workbook.
Students are required to listen to the audio/video lectures, read the textbook, and to answer the questions prepared for each course. Answer sheets are provided for that purpose. This process may require the student listen/view the audio or read the textbook several times. Students are then required to prepare an outline of the contents of each audio lesson, or each chapter in the textbook.
Also, students are required to read an ADDITIONAL book(s) that is related to the subject matter being taught and to prepare an eight-page book report of that ADDITIONAL book(s). All outlines, essays, and book reports are to be written as per the required format provided in the appendix of this catalog.
NOTE: A student cannot begin studies in a new course unless both the lecture series and the dissertation have been completed and submitted.
Special Note: If a student is changing his or her field of study from a Master’s degree to a Doctorate, he or she will have to take additional courses to ensure competency in the new field of study. If the student has not taken SG 5313 The Purpose Driven Life, and/or SG 5163 The Normal Christian Life, SG 5103 Could You Not Tarry One Hour, or SG 5273 The Bait of Satan, these courses must be taken in addition to any other requirements for a degree.
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