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As the entry-level undergraduate degree, our associate programs offer a good framework for future study while at the same time equipping you with basics that will help you impact your world.

Requires a minimum of 60 credit hours

In order to enter into the associate degree program, a student must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. Students without such a diploma may enroll on a probationary basis.

Materials for each course in this program consist of a series of audio or video lectures, a textbook, or a workbook and an additional book or books. The student is required to listen or view to the audio/video lectures; or to read the textbook and then answer the questions prepared by CTS for the audio/video lectures or textbook. This process may require that the student listen/view the lectures, or read the textbook several times. The student is then required to prepare an outline from each audio/video lesson, or each chapter in the textbook. Also, the student is required to type a five paragraph essay describing three things that he or she learned from the course. The student must also read an additional book(s) related to the subject matter being taught or another assigned book(s) for that course and prepare a three (3) page book report (what the book teaches) on each additional book(s).

For courses using workbooks, the student is required to complete the workbook and to write a summary of the theme of the book(s) of the Bible that is/are used in the workbook. All outlines, essays, and summaries are to be prepared as per the required format provided in the appendix of this catalog.

NOTE: A student cannot begin studies in a new course unless all requirements for the previous course have been completed and submitted.

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